Friday, July 23, 2010

Easy Choux Pastry Recipe

Today I will share my favorite recipe for making cream puffs - the puff part.  This is a very nice recipe I found via Vic's Recipes, adapted from The French Chef Cookbook by Julia Child, and it has consistently produced very tasty looking puffs for me.  The directions are very detailed and simple, so you can't mess up.  The first time I made these I did panic when I started beating eggs into the mix, but the eggs do eventually get absorbed to make a nice smooth dough paste.  I should note one change I made - I brush the puffs with half and half instead of egg wash as the recipe suggests.  Also I have never tried the chocolate sauce recipe.

I usually like to fill my puffs with ice cream - here is a photo with coffee, strawberry, and black raspberry flavors.

I have tried making cream filling too, but haven't come across a recipe I love yet.  Here is a photo of matcha cream filled choux.

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