Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Selena Gomez Dream Out Loud Collection at K-Mart & Sears

Yikes, I've been MIA!  My grad school days have started so I expect to be an intermittent blogger.

Anyway, I have been curious about Selena Gomez' Dream Out Loud Collection at K-Mart / Sears.  I know it is for juniors and it's K-Mart but I was suckered in by the whole Selena Gomez branding.  I'm not an uber fan but I do think she has an interesting style.  Ok, so here are my thoughts:

1) The dove theme sort of reminds me of the MJ Petal to the Metal stuff:

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Petal to the Metal Flap Pouchette (via Saks)

2) The graphic tees are cheesy (PEACE! LOVE! SMILES!), so I avoided.
3) The hoodies seemed cheap; the plaid shirts not my thing; stripey shirts in fugly popsicle colors.
4) Here are the items I did try on:

Ruffle Henley Top ($12) - This was really long and tunic-y, but soft and cute.  I liked it better in white.
Crochet Trim Tunic ($12) - I really liked this with the pockets and crochet, also very soft.  Unfortunately the underarms are cut really weird, like sort of flying squirrelish and not flattering.

Knit Blazer ($18) - Ok so my K-Mart didn't have this, but I am contemplating buying it online just to try it and check the quality.  The flower buttons are cute but maybe I would switch them out for something more mature.

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